When it comes to creating a meal plan I know one thing for sure…

You’d rather stick a fork in your eye than make one.

But you know you need one…

The problem with a traditional meal plan is that you have to start fresh every week.

It’s frustrating to spend time making something and then, after 7 days you’ve got a blank page staring at you again.

“Didn’t I just do that last week?” Yeah you sure did, but it’s like it doesn’t even matter…ugh.

In my experience, people quit meal planning because there are just too many decisions to make, too many choices. Some quit before they even get started.

I’ve got the answer for you.

If the thought of figuring out another meal makes you want to hide in the bathroom with a Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cup and a glass of Pinot…

I got’chu covered.

I used to spend hours creating the perfect meal plan…just to have to re-do it again the following week. The cycle seemed endless.

Like laundry (which totally makes me want to hide and snack!)

And that, my friend, is why I created a new way to meal plan. I’ve spent years researching, trying, researching some more, and tweaking.  I finally have peace and balance in my meal planning routine and I want you to have that too.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Before I was a work-at-home single mom, I was a working-full-time single mom. If I can do it, you can too!

I wanted these for my family…

I wanted to get back to Family Dinner with everyone sitting at the table together, talking and laughing about their day.

I wanted to feed them wholesome, healthy, non-processed food, that they love.

I wanted to stop ordering take-out or grabbing pre-made meals as a last minute resort.

I wanted to spend less time (and money!) in the grocery store, and spend it instead with the thing I love most: my family.

Does this sound like you, too?

Capsule Pantry Blueprint - online meal planning course for moms who hate to meal plan

It’s time to simplify…


Since you know what to make, when to make it, and that you have the ingredients, you can focus on everything else.


With a master list, you’ll spend less time in the store and be able to predict your grocery bill (almost to the penny!).


Because you’re spending less time planning and prepping and cooking, you have more time to do the things that matter.

The Capsule Pantry Blueprint is the simple system that’s faster and easier than any other meal plan!

It’s the same step-by-step method that allows me to meal plan only 4 times per year.


…having a set number of ingredients in your kitchen that you mix + match to create your favorite meals.

You use that plan for a month. Then the next month. And the next month.

Then you switch it up (it’s probably a new season by then anyway!).

Simplify your life…once and for all.

Your family needs this. You need this.

I refuse to let you procrastinate for even a minute longer, which is why I’m limiting this VIP class size to 100 students.

Once the class is full, the bonus expires.


How to create a backup plan and make it work with your Capsule Pantry ($19 value):

  • In-depth back-up plan instructions
  • More printable planners
  • Freezer meal labels

The 3-module course is like being right there with me in my classroom. Video tutorials and a workbook that goes over each module:


It’s everything you need to plan and create your own Capsule Pantry.

This step by step course to creating a faster, easier meal plan isn’t for everyone.


But I will tell you who it IS for…

IT IS for moms who want to feed their family natural – and maybe organic – food but still want to be budget-conscious.

IT IS for women who have limited space in their kitchen and don’t need a pantry full of food.

IT IS for wives who want to extend their minimalistic lifestyle to extend into the kitchen and meal time.

IT IS for women who want to be environmentally and ethically conscious about food waste.

IT IS for moms who don’t want to be overwhelmed with options and aren’t trying to keep up with the Pinterest-Perfect moms.

You have two choices.

  1. Do nothing. You don’t have to change anything at all. Or as my friend Dan says all the time, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got”.
  2. Learn from someone who’s been there, in the trenches with you. I found a better way, I did all the google searches (so you don’t have to!), I tweaked it, I practiced it, and now I’m sharing it.

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom!

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Yes, I need a roadmap to saving time!

Yay! You're on your way to stress-free meal planning! My minions are hard at work sending your download, check your inbox in just a few minutes.

Yes, I need a roadmap to get new ideas!

Yay! You're on your way to stress-free meal planning! My minions are hard at work sending your download, check your inbox in just a few minutes.

Yes, I need a roadmap to feed my picky kids!

Yay! You're on your way to stress-free meal planning! My minions are hard at work sending your download, check your inbox in just a few minutes.