Tired of stressful dinnertimes and no one eating what you make?

Let’s make it fun! For you and for them!

A complete list of recipes to go with your Theme Nights!

The most fun, un-meal-planning guide you’ll ever use!

So what’s inside?

Making Family Dinner Fun! 

  • a list of 42+ Theme Nights like Macaroni Monday, Top 10 Tuesday, and Whatever Wednesday!
  • the top recipes for over 30 of those Theme Nights!
  • links directly to each kid-friendly recipe!
  • a worksheet to create your own master list of Theme Night recipes!
  • BONUS: a Pinterest board with all of the recipes included!

This totally makes it easy and fun to get dinner on the table!

How to use this guide:

1. Go through the list of Theme Night Ideas

Find the ones that your family will LOVE. Involve everyone – even let the kids pick a night of their own! When you give kids the capability to make decisions for the entire family, it empowers them!

2. Find the list of recipes that go with your Theme Nights

Some themes are grouped together – like Macaroni Monday and Noodle Night – so there are recipes that can be used for multiple theme nights. These recipes are some of the most popular on the internet! Clicking on each one will bring you right to that recipe so you can decide if it will work for your family.

3. Print and use the Worksheet

Follow the directions on it and keep it as your master meals list. This list will help you, whether you want to wing it and figure out your dinner that day, or extreme plan for a month at at time.

What other moms are saying…

For someone who would never meal plan (like me!), this Theme Nights guide makes it so easy and fun to get dinner on the table without spending too much time thinking about it!

Jenny G

Teacher & Mama of two adorable kiddos under 5

Download today and have that fun, stress-free Family Dinnertime you want!