Lemme guess…

…you have no idea what to make for dinner with the ingredients you have?

…you’re tired of eating the same things over and over?

…your picky kids won’t eat what you make anyway? 

…you’re waiting for some magical elf to tell you what to make while you stare at your open fridge?

My recipe lists are your answer!

Images are from the Ultimate Theme Nights original recipe list. Each list will look slightly different.

What’s inside the Recipe Lists?

over 25 Theme Nights! 

192 unique recipes in each list that are the “best of the best”

 kid-friendly themes & recipes that are perfect for picky eaters


links directly to each recipe, and a worksheet to jot down your favorites!

It’s everything you need to get dinner on the table quickly and effortlessly!

Ultimate Kid Friendly Recipes

Kid-friendly recipes to go with each theme night

You can purchase the Kid-friendly list separately here.

Freezer Meal Recipes

Make ahead “dump-n-go” style recipes to go with each theme night

You can purchase the Freezer Meal list separately here.

Keto-friendly Recipes

Keto & kid-friendly recipes to go with each theme night

You can purchase the Keto-friendly list separately here.

Fall & Winter Recipes

Cozy, comfort food recipes to go with each theme night

You can purchase the Fall & Winter list separately here.

These lists go beyond Taco Tuesday.

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday because, well…tacos.

But seriously… using theme nights make dinner simple for you, and your family gets to eat what they like.

Win – Win!

So why wouldn’t you do that for the other six nights in the week?

Not tacos. Theme nights.

If you’re tired of being stressed out every night and you want to spend less time on making dinner, get a jump start with the Ultimate Theme Night Recipe Lists!


Trello board!

You already know how awesome Trello is? Okay, good. Now add every single recipe organized by theme onto one board and your meal planning just got SO much easier.


Pinterest board!

If Pinterest is your go-to place for recipes, you’ll have easy access to every single recipe that’s on your Ultimate Theme Nights Recipe List.

How to use your Ultimate Theme Nights Recipe Lists

1. Go through the list of Theme Night Ideas

Find the ones that your family will LOVE. Involve everyone – even let the kids pick a night of their own! When you give kids the capability to make decisions for the entire family, it empowers them!

2. Find the list of recipes that go with your Theme Nights

Some themes are inter-changeable – like Macaroni Monday and Noodle Night – so there are recipes that can be used for multiple theme nights. These recipes are some of the most popular on the internet! Clicking on each one will bring you right to that recipe so you can decide if it will work for your family.

3. Print and use the Worksheet

Follow the directions on it and keep it as your master meals list. This list will help you, whether you want to wing it and figure out your dinner that day, or extreme plan for a month at at time.


Very important not-so-fine print:
This is a digital guide. You need to use it electronically to access the recipes. This is not a cookbook; the recipes are not printed in it due to copyright. 
Because of the digital nature of the guides, all sales are final and there no refunds. Please thoroughly read the information above and send an email with any questions before purchasing to elisa (at) mealplanningblueprints (dot) com.

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