Custom meal plans using the power & simplicity of Pinterest!


Lemme guess. You hate meal planning? Or you like the idea of meal planning but just can’t seem to do it every week?

I totally get it. I was you.

That’s why I want to help you and create a complete dinner plan tailored just for you and your family that uses the ease of Pinterest.

I’m a big fan of KISS when it comes to meal planning – Keepin’ It Simple Sally! No giant booklets to print out, or complicated recipes and meal prep (I actually hate meal prep). Just a Pinterest board with your plan’s recipes, a 2 week plan to print out, and a grocery list.

And the best part of your Pin Perfect Meal Plan? Grocery shopping only once for your two week plan!


I will create a secret Pinterest board just for you + I that will have all your custom-picked recipes on it. This way, you can refer back to them over and over again!


You’ll get a printable meal plan with enough dinners for two weeks (no repeats!) with two leftover nights.  The links to the recipes will be right on the meal plan so you can easily get to them.


Your master grocery list that you can just print and take with you to the store! I set up the recipes in a way that you only have to grocery shop once at the beginning of the two-week plan.

You’ll have everything you need to get dinner on the table quickly and easily!

Weeks of not thinking about dinner


Pinterest board with all your recipes

Master plan & grocery list

So…who is this for?

IT IS for women that find meal planning overwhelming, exhausting, or stressful (or all three!).

IT IS for moms who want to feed their family more homemade food!

IT IS for wives who just don’t have the time to meal plan!

IT IS for moms who want to save money on their grocery bill!

IT IS for women who get really overwhelmed with all the recipe options out there and don’t know where to start!

Stop stressing out over meal planning; let me help you!

How it works


Just click the green button below to submit payment via Paypal and then I will send you the link to the questionnaire.


The questionnaire asks detailed questions so I can learn about you and your family’s needs. The more detailed you are, the better. Then, I can make your meal plan tailored exactly to your family’s likes and needs!


I will email you a confirmation and any questions before I send you a rough draft of the meal plan. You’ll approve or make changes to the draft, and then I’ll send your final meal plan, grocery list, and an invitation to our secret Pinterest board!

What Our Customers are Saying

Being a mother of twins - and having no extra time to meal plan - makes it hard to follow any sort of plan. Elisa gave me all the tools and did all the planning for me and, in turn, I am saving time and money following her meal plan! The instructions and recipes are super easy to follow and she made it so easy to stay organized! Thanks again Elisa!


Wife, Mom of Twins, & Business Owner

Elisa's meal plan is nothing short of....ummm??? Sorcery!! 😉

I'm not a fan of cooking at all (shhh) but more so than that, I reeeeally despise all the mental energy spent figuring out what to cook, when to cook it, what ingredients I need, when the best time to buy them is... all while limiting trips to the grocery store, minimizing food waste, attempting to eat semi-healthy AND still somehow maintain some semblance of sanity! Phew!! I'm tired just thinking about it! Which often results in eating the same meals over and over again or worse... picking up the phone and ordering takeout! (Oh the shame!!)

That was before trying Elisa's meal plan for just 1 month! It was the first time I actually experienced a full month of stress free home cooked dinners (yes, by me)! Everything I needed to know & do was completely spelled out for me. I amazed myself (and my husband) and the best parts were 1) everything was delicious (thanks to Elisa customizing my plan to what I told her we like) and 2) I used almost ZERO brain power!  Like I said.... Sorcery!!! Absolute witch craft!

Ok, maybe not witchcraft but it really is amazing what you can accomplish when you have someone - who knows what they're doing - map it out for you!! A service that, to me is absolutely invaluable! Elisa - thank you for giving me back tons of time & sanity! You rock!


Wife & Business Owner

Are you ready to get a healthy dinner on the table without even thinking about planning it?

meal plan + gravy

Your plan will be created around your schedule & weekly activities!
  • Printable meal planner with recipe links
  • Printable organized grocery list
  • Access to private Pinterest board
  • + Gravy: Plan around your weekly schedule and activities

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the meal plan include?

Your two-week meal plan will include 10 dinners (no repeats!) with two leftover nights per week built in. Everything will be clearly laid out on a two-week meal plan: recipe links, any steps you need to do ahead of time, and what method of cooking it uses. You’ll also receive one master grocery list for all the dinners, broken down by grocery section and an invitation to our shared Pinterest board.

When I design meal plans, I always keep in mind two things:

  1. I want you to grocery shop ONCE for the two weeks of meals. You can go more if you like, but I set it up with all the fresh produce and ingredients in the first week and the frozen/shelf stable ingredients in the second.
  2. I try and overlap ingredients as much as possible so you’re not left with 1/2 cup of this or a handful of that.
What if my family has food sensitivities or allergies? Or follows a special diet?

Great question! I have many food sensitivities, and my son has both food sensitivities and allergies. I also follow a specific paleo lifestyle plan because of my sensitivities. All of these have given me the knowledge and familiarity of sensitivities, allergies, and diet plans. Some of the ingredients I am familiar with: top allergens, vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, and more. When you complete your questionnaire, just be sure to explain exactly what you need and I will accommodate it to the best of my ability. If I cannot work with your situation, I will gladly refund your money.

I do have to disclose that I’m not a doctor, registered dietician, or nutritionist so I cannot guarantee any of my plans will comply with a specific diet. I’m also human. Please check your meal plans and be responsible when preparing, feeding, and following your meal plan. The responsibility to ensure your meal plan is acceptable to you and your family’s health and well being is ultimately on you.

When will I receive my meal plan and why are there a limited number of spots open?

I will complete the meal plans in the order I receive your completed questionnaire. I have a limited number of spots open because I literally spend hours preparing and customizing each person’s meal plan. I’ll be working in waves (weeks) with a few people to each wave. After your questionnaire is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation with an expected delivery date for your rough draft meal plan. If you have an urgency surrounding your meal plan, be sure to complete your questionnaire asap and email me – we can work together!

Will you be able to stick to my grocery budget?

Although I can’t presume to know how much groceries are where you live, in the questionnaire I do ask very specific questions surrounding budget and eating style. The more detailed you are, the more I can tailor-fit this meal plan to you. I’ll get a good sense of that too when you tell me what you normally prepare. If I see steak and shrimp vs rice and beans, I’ll know what direction to take! 😉 And remember, you get a rough draft so if it doesn’t seem right that’s when we can tweak it!