I bet you thought quick and dirty doesn’t exactly go with meal planning, huh? Here’s the thing, meal planning does not have to be hard or complicated or stressful. It can be super simple … but here are 6 tips I gave for both meal planning and freezer cooking in an interview that I think you could use.

I had the honor of being interviewed by Anna Curran of Cookbook Create – the site where you can keep a catalog of your recipes, and even create a physical recipe book out of them. They have an extensive library of beautifully curated recipes too!

I chatted with Anna after the interview for a while and she is the friendliest, most down to earth New Yorker you’d ever meet (nothing against NYers, I’m one too – they just get a bad rap sometimes).

Anyhoo. Back to meal planning and how it doesn’t have to be hard.

My #1 tip ever for meal planning is this:



Plan for one week of dinners at first. Make meals that you could make with your eyes closed. Oh, and spaghetti with jarred sauce totally counts!

Here are 6 more Quick & Dirty tips (you might just have to click over to the article to see what I mean by some of these, like #6).

  1. Check the weather.
  2. Save a picture of your meal plan to your phone.
  3. Get your friends involved!
  4. Not everything freezes well!
  5. Make double and freeze one.
  6. Ice cube trays.

If meal planning overwhelms you, just grab a piece of paper and head here to create a quick meal plan today!