You gave meal planning the ole’ heave-ho. But it just hasn’t worked out. Or it’s frustrating because you’re making one of these meal planning mistakes.
Are you making crucial meal planning mistakes? They could be costing you time and money! Plus get a free kid-friendly menu! Pantry organization | grocery budget | healthy meal planning | meal planning template | minimalism | free printable | capsule pantry

I believe meal planning can work for anyone and everyone. And if I’m going to put a statement like that out there, well, I’m going to have to back it up.

I’m going to get right to it because these mistakes are costing you quality time with your kids and causing you to live for bedtime.

You’re tired. You need a solution. I’ll give you one of those too. Because, well, I’m not going to point out all these faux pas without giving you some hope that things can change.

Meal Planning Mistake #1: You don’t know where to start, so you never do

Paralysis by analysis. Oh man, this is me 110% and what prevented me from starting to meal plan for so long. I kick myself now, looking back at the weeks that turned into months that turned into years of just getting by every evening.

There are just too many options: paper or digital meal planner, weekly or monthly, 81 bazillion recipes on Pinterest.

You can’t make a decision when you’re confused or overwhelmed so instead of taking a step in the right direction, you just put it to the back burner and say you’ll try again next week.

The problem is that next week never comes. And 3 out of the 7 nights you ate last week were either stressful, or you gave up and gave in because you just didn’t have the energy.

Solution: I’ve created a step-by-step plan for you to complete your first meal plan. And your second, and your third…

You know the old chinese proverb:

Give a man a meal plan and you’ll feed him for a day but teach him how to meal plan and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.

That’s not it? Ok, so I replaced fish with meal plan, just go with it.

But seriously. Once you learn how to create a rotating meal plan (and how to do it quickly), you’ll know the system. And you’ll be able to do it over and over and over again.

That’s what the Capsule Pantry Blueprint does. It teaches you the steps (I literally walk you through it, in order). So you can eat for a lifetime.

No more paralysis by analysis.

Meal Planning Mistake #2: You either have no recipe ideas or too many

What should you put on that meal plan?

You don’t know how to cook, you have picky eaters, or you just don’t know where to begin to figure out what to make.

There are so many options out there (thanks a lot, Pinterest!) that, just like #1 above, it can be paralyzing. Then, even if you’re craving Chicken noodle soup, you go to find a recipe for it, and there are 273 recipes claiming to be the best one. Gah.

Solution: I’ll show you how to narrow your choices, quickly find the recipes that fit your family’s needs, and create a recipe library. So you’re not scrolling through Pinterest looking for Chicken noodle soup and end up pinning pictures of the new hairstyle you want (uhh…I may have done this yesterday ? ). 

So, you’ll not only learn how to meal plan, you’ll also learn how to quickly find the perfect recipes to mix and match, and create a recipe library.

Now you know what to make.

Meal Planning Mistake #3: You try to do this alone

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this one too. #onlychildsyndrome

Meal planning isn’t rocket science so you probably thought you didn’t need someone backing you up.

Wrong-o. Just like any other life-enhancing habit, having an accountability buddy is so crucial.

If you want to lose weight, or get up earlier, or stop binge-watching the Blacklist every night and read a book instead, having someone to talk to when you really. don’t. feel. like. it. helps so much. (p.s. I’m working on all these things as we speak)

Solution: A community of other moms learning how to meal plan right along side you. It’s a private community on Facebook where we’ll share the struggles, ask and answer questions, and share meal planning wins.

You can even get a buddy to partner with.

From a recovering DIBMYer (that’s ‘do-it-by-myself-er’ if you didn’t know), trust me, I know how crucial support is. That’s why I think this group is so important to your success in the Capsule Pantry Blueprint.

It might just be the most important part.

Now you’ll have the support you need to change something that will change your everyday life.

All you need is some gumption.

This, my friend, is the first step.

Draw a line in the sand, and say “it doesn’t have to be like this”. If you’re struggling with stressful dinnertime or living for bedtime, the Capsule Pantry Blueprint was tailor-made for you.

C’mon, I get it. The frustrations of the entire day all seem to gather at 5 pm and everyone is a little more snappy, a little more touchy, or just plain cranky. This is the witching hour where temper tantrums, meltdowns, and sibling quarrels are at an all-time high.

And, for crying out loud, you don’t have time for this. You have to get dinner on the table.

The thoughts that run through your head (or maybe even come out of your mouth):

“Could you please just stop so I can make this frickin’ dinner.”

“2 hours and 41 minutes until you go to bed. Two hours and forty one minutes.”

“You’re going to bed right after dinner.”

“Where’s the wine?”

That’s no way to live.

Don’t spend those precious hours with your kids every night just getting by.

Spend them laughing, talking about their day, reading a book, watching a movie, playing a board game.

Anything except being stressed and frustrated and counting the minutes until you’re alone.

You can totally do this. It’s simpler and quicker than you think, pinky swear. Grab a buddy and come join us in the Capsule Pantry Blueprint™!!!

Are you making crucial meal planning mistakes? They could be costing you time and money! Plus get a free kid-friendly menu! Pantry organization | grocery budget | healthy meal planning | meal planning template | minimalism | free printable | capsule pantry